The 22nd Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference

Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown Hotel Los Angeles, California

Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown Hotel Los Angeles, California

Call for Presentations

Call for Papers Announced: Deadline October 5

Our 2016 Call for Presentations is now open, and the Organizing Committee invites reseachers to share progress in:

  • Medical simulation and modeling
  • Data visualization and fusion
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Imaging devices and methods
  • Robotics, haptics, sensors
  • Human-computer interfaces
  • Data and decision networks, AI, mobile health
  • Wearable and implantable electronics
  • Projection systems
  • Learning and technology
  • Simulator design and validation
  • Physical and mental rehabilitation tools
  • Serious games
  • Surgical registration and navigation
  • Peri-operative guidance
  • Remote and battlefield care
  • Patient and public health monitoring and education

Lectures, posters, independent sessions, and demonstrations offer a variety of ways to present current accomplishments. The general submission deadline is October 5, 2015. Please view Presentation Logistics for details on how you can participate.

About NextMed / MMVR

Since the first Medicine Meets Virtual Reality in 1992, this conference has facilitated collaboration among engineers, physicians, scientists, educators, industry, students, military, and futurists from around the world. Their shared goal is more intelligent patient care and medical education that utilizes the most recent IT advances. At NextMed / MMVR22, technologists and clinicians, developers, and end-users will collaborate on solutions to current healthcare challenges, assessing and strategizing to promote more effective solutions.

We invite you to be part of what's now and what's next in medicine -- next April in Los Angeles.

For detailed information, visit or email