Portal RAMN

Portal RAMN

Bilingual internet information resource PORTALRAMN.RU is a medical scientific electronic mass medium, providing actual and reliable information on the scientific and technical achievements in biomedicine, on modern methods of prevention, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation, with the limited access for medical and pharmaceutical professionals. Portal RAMN is a tool of global communication for healthcare practitioners, teachers of medical universities and biomedical researchers. At present the Portal RAMN works in test mode.

Biomedicine issues become one of the top web search queries. Researchers, medical professionals and citizens widely use the internet for searching the description of pharmaceuticals, research results and scientific articles, for the communication with professionals via social media, etc. In spite of the internet resources rapid development, the resources containing biomedical information are desperate. The majority of them have no the translation into Russian and the easy search, which allow medical professionals, researches and citizens to be sure that the information are reliable and of high quality. The information found on the nonofficial websites has no the guaranteed reliability.

Portal RAMN provides users with the reference data and reliable information (including those approved by the expert council) on the opportunities of research medical centers and healthcare facilities. "List of RAMN clinics" helps to choose the appropriate medical center rendering the necessary medical services of guaranteed quality.

The Portal's information is addressed to researchers, physicians and healthcare managers in the first place. At the same time, the considerable part of the information is open for all users, including patients, their relatives and citizens who interested in modern medicine.

Portal's mission is to attract and to keep attention of the maximum number of possible users by creating the national-wide effective (from social, technical and economic point of view) electronic mass medium on biomedicine and biomedical services. Portal RAMN uses the scientific and practical potential of the research medical centers and healthcare facilities of the Russian Federation.

Portal's objective is to create the information support and, therefore, the most favorable condition for promoting the innovative medical projects in prevention, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation for research medical centers and healthcare facilities of the Russian Federation.

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- Maternity Hospital № 4 – State Budget Healthcare Facility «Maternity Hospital № 4 of the Moscow Health Department»;
- National Research University «Higher School of Economics»;
- MCIA – Medical Center for Information and Analysis of the Russian Academy of Medical Science;
- AMCIA – Academic Medical Center for Information and Analysis;
- City Clinical Hospital № 24 – Moscow State Budget Healthcare Facility « City Clinical Hospital № 24 of the Moscow Health Department»;
- Health Manager – Publishing House "Health Manager";
- AMI RIA – Russian Agency of Medical and Social Information;
- Publishing Group "GEOTAR-Media";
- Federal Medical Enquiry Service;
- «Electronic Health Card»;
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- «Electronic Health Passport for a Child».

E-mail: pressa@portalramn.ru